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Tiktok money calculator
Tiktok money calculator
Tiktok money calculator
>> 27 Eylül 2020 - Saat: 16:01

To find out how much money has been earned by phenomena on Tiktok or other users, you must register at the address below.

Tiktok has its own ads published to you after a thousand subscribers. You also follow the publishing tools in your account.

To find out how many money phenomena have earned or how many other users have earned;

How many subscribers are there? How short is the duration of the video and how long it is viewed.

Since the number of ads is higher in long videos, the click-through rate will be higher. For example: When there are 5 ads in a 3-minute video, if viewers click on the ad, they earn plus money. If he doesn't click, he'll earn a little less money just for impressions. Tiktok ad pays 0.02 cents per click.


So let's say you have 50K subscribers. You have 2 thousand videos. And these videos are constantly being shared and watched somewhere. Let's say 1 of these videos has 2 million views ..


You earn 0.02 x 1.000.000 = 2 thousand dollars. Of course, you can fall above or below these numbers. Because tiktok runs interactive ads and relevant ads. The thing is, I am watching a video and I have previously visited sites to buy shoes from my phone. This is called relevant advertising. More money is earned this way.


It can appear in ads that are not related to Tiktok at all, then it gives less money per view, ie the number of impressions or clicks.

How much money other people make

1. From the number of subscribers

2.How many videos he has

3.How many thousand or million people watched the video

4. It is clear what kind of video he is producing. It can be calculated with the numbers above.