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Online image compressor
In order to increase the number of Instagram followers, every picture and photo you upload to your account should be less in size.
Online image compressor
BİLGİ REHBERİ >> 23 Ağustos 2020 - Saat: 14:42

In order for your Instagram account to grow quickly, you need to have some SEO information and do them.


Instagram offers some conditions to make an account stand out. Those who have a lot of followers apply these steps one by one.


Instagram's most important sensitive point is its fast work. The fast running of a website is the pictures / photos, not the text on that page. Instagram keeps pictures / photos uploaded by people in its database.

However, some accounts work very fast and Instagram prioritizes these accounts. (Instagram cover photo including profile photos) Here's the secret


Picture sizes .. Instagram does not want very high sized pictures, so when you upload a picture / photo you take as it is, it occupies a very large megabyte, that is, space.


For example: You will upload an image, Instagram keeps your account in the backgrounds because the image is large. You need to shrink the image you uploaded. If the uploaded photos are small in size then it becomes a very fast working account that complies with the rules. The website below allows you to instantly shrink the image you uploaded online and download it to your phone / computer.

Thanks to this website, the smaller pictures become an account that complies with Instagram policies, so your number of followers increases.

Click to reduce image size