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Rehber Bilgi

Tiktok video download! Free and fast
Tiktok video download! Free and fast
Tiktok video download! Free and fast
TEKNOLOJİ >> 23 Şubat 2021 - Saat: 23:11

To download videos on Tiktok, first go to and start playing the video


As above, we go to the tiktok official address and find the video to be downloaded, then right click on the video and click on the place where it says review. We will see the codes like in the picture below.

To download tiktok videos from mobile phones, Android - IOS does not matter, you will need to open ctrl + shift + So install and download the video downloader.

There is beginning src = " 0 & cv = 1 & dr = 0 & ds = 3 & er = & expire =

1607798144 & l = 2020121212352901019021820132206782 & lr = tiktok_m & mime_type =

video_mp4 & policy = 2 & qs = 0 & rc = MzZsOG1meTRkczMzOjczM0ApNDZ


NF4yNjU6Yw% 3D% 3D & signature = 311bfa9f0ee907a5b6cb1d94

e6c5b81c & tk = tt_webid_v2 & vl = & vr = "

There are codes that stretch a little long, we click on it twice, you will only get the codes in "" double quotes and we copy the code by right clicking and copying the code as in the picture above. The letters and numbers written in blue above are examples. You can copy and download that blue area if you wish.


When you copy the code in the video you will download, it does not matter whether chrome, safari, opera, mozilla firefox in your browser, open a new tab and paste it there. The video will open there and the download button will appear, you can download it from there.