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Tiktok coin trick
Tiktok coin trick
Tiktok coin trick
>> 14 Haziran 2020 - Saat: 11:37

You need to have a thousand subscribers and a thousand followers to cheat Tiktok coin. When the live broadcasting option is activated, you can receive and send donations.


Load balance from the wallet section;

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100 coins 6,99

500 coins 34,99 

2000 coins 134,99 

5000 coins 349.99 

10000 coins 699.99 

There are options. You can buy coins with money.


When you have a thousand subscribers and followers, you must write the bank IBAN number and name and surname address and write this information exactly in the identity card. Otherwise, you cannot get money.


The only condition for the Tiktok coin earning trick is the number of followers. You earn money after a thousand followers and subscribers.